I haven’t made a post since creating this blog, but I plan to be more active now. I’ve been getting into cryptocurrency lately; learning about it and deciding which coin to actually buy into. To that end, there is one podcast I’ve been listening to that is both entertaining and informative: the Bad Crypto Podcast, featuring Joel Comm (of The Next Internet Millionaire and iFart fame) and Travis Wright.

In addition to being entertaining and informative, they are also generous in giving out completely worthless cryptocurrency of their own making. BADCOIN. Completely worthless aside from practice with trading and hodling (no, not a typo (okay, well, it probably was originally, but became an actual technical term in the crypto world)), but you never know.

I currently hold 300,000 BADCOIN on bitshares, and you can win even more, if you choose, by entering in their Gleam.io giveaway. Also, they just started “Bad Cryptober,” full of fun and games and most likely even more worthless crypto given away.

Seriously, check them out and enjoy!